Spring 2018 Recreational Program.jpg

Join The Core Crushers Recreational bouldering club! The group is focused on climbing enjoyment, technique, and self-improvement! This 13-week program follows a detailed climbing curriculum and introduces the fundamentals of bouldering throughout the program.

No experience necessary! Crushers are encouraged to focus on climbing form and honing their technique. By the end of the program Crusher’s will have the confidence and know-how to take their climbing to the next level!

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Spring 2018 Pre-competitive Program.jpg

Join The Core Crushers Pre-Competition bouldering club! The group is focused on introducing intermediate climbing concepts! All climbers welcome! This 13-week program follows an accelerated program and introduces new bouldering techniques and concepts each week.

Furthermore, the program takes strides to introduce competitive climbing fundamentals; such as pacing, 4-point starts, and pushing one’s limits. By the end of the program Crushers will have a good understanding of the requirements to join a competitive climbing team.

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