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Upcoming Classes:

September 28th

  • Balance it out

    • As we move throughout class, you will be learning how to create different foundations through each yoga posture. We will be learning how to be light on our feet as we engage certain muscles to find our center of balance.

October 5th

  • Partner Yoga

    • Who would have thought yoga with a partner would be a challenge? Learn to work with a friend or your partner as you challenge each others strength, flexibility and most of all TRUST!

October 19th

  • Shoulders & chest

    • Let’s warm up our joints and muscles as we gently stretch our upper body. We will be using a series of yoga postures to help create range of motion, flexibility and openness through the shoulders and chest.

October 26th

  • Hips & Legs

    • We will be gently stretching our hips as we get into the hip socket and working on mobility. Slowly throughout the practice we will be lengthening and strengthening our legs. Let’s build and strengthen!

November 9th

  • Let’s Play!

    • Why not Play? We will be playing on our mats as we challenge our minds and bodies to work together. Let’s find your edge and build!

November 16th

  • Core & Twist

    • Twisting and core strengthening is such an important piece in rock climbing. As we move throughout class your abs will feel stronger and you will feel more lengthened when we twist it out.

November 30th

  • Move Please!

    • Cardio? No way! We will be moving through a series of postures throughout class. If you want a work out or skipped a work out, this is the one for you!

December 7th

  • Pause & Hold

    • Have you ever heard less is more? Well, this class is the definition of less is more. We will be holding poses for a length of time. As you hold the pose, you are slowly lengthening and deepening the stretch. Remember, you might not feel it and you don’t always have to feel something to say you get the stretch.