First things first. Excellent job the last few weeks. The team is really coming together and a good flow for the day-to-day is taking shape.

Keep showing up. Keep trying hard. Keep pushing each other.

Remember to be active in your participation of the warmups, exercises and drills that we do. Passive jumping jacks aren't going to help anyone.

For everyone that is showing up for the comp this weekend, please remember that this is a fun comp. It's a chance to celebrate the opening of The Core so it won't be a conventional comp.

That said, please come to win. The team goal is to get stressed and try hard. We want to push ourselves and learn how we react during the real thing. Until the comp is over, we're Athletes. After the comp, we can have cake.

Coach Brady wants lots of sleep in your schedules tonight. Have a healthy breakfast and get amped. A pro-tip for keeners is clean your room and put your climbing gear out TONIGHT so you have everything ready.

Doors open at 10am and we will be leading a warm up and review goals for the day.

Keep up the good work!