+ What is The Core Climbing Gym?

We are a climbing gym focused on bouldering and climbing fitness. Bouldering is climbing on shorter walls (up to 15ft high) above thick mats that act as protection for the climbers.

+ Where is The Core Climbing Gym?

We are located at 500 Jamieson Parkway, Unit 1 in Cambridge.

+ What are your hours?

  • Monday-Friday: 12pm to 11pm
  • Saturday: 9:30am to 10pm
  • Sunday: 9:30am to 8pm
  • + Is bouldering suitable for me and my family?

    Yes! People of all ages can boulder. Children 13 and younger must be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times.

    + How old do Children need to be to Climb?

    The minimum recommended age is 5 years of age. However, outgoing children younger than 5 have done very well climbing. Please come for a tour with a staff member.

    + Do you have kids/youth programs?

    Yes, we have a Youth Competitive Team and a Youth Recreational program.

    Please email coach@thecoreclimbing.ca for information about the competitive team.

    Details can be found here for the recreational groups: Youth Recreational Program

    + Do I need a Partner?

    No partner, no problem. Since bouldering is climbing without ropes you don't need a partner. That makes all the climbings walls accessible to any individual!

    + Do I need to take a Lesson?

    Nope. Lessons are not mandatory. Sign-up here for our Intro to Blouldering Classes

    + Do I have to wear Climbing Shoes?

    Yes! Everyone must wear climbing shoes. It makes for a much better climbing experience. You can rent from us! Rentals are available for size children size 11 up to adult size 16

    + Do you do Birthday Parties?

    Please check out our group bookings: Bdays

    + Do you have WiFi?

    Yes! Feel free to use our Free WiFi. No password necessary.

    + Are you Hiring?

    Not currently, but please send us a resume to info@thecoreclimbing.ca and we'll keep your resume on file for the future.