Expectations vs. Reality

Look how far The Core has come! It was a big project that started with big dreams. Those turned into big plans with big diagrams, and with that came big expectations of what the gym could be.

We couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It is amazing to think that not long ago The Core was just an empty unit with dirt on the ground and not a single climbing hold in sight.

Looking forward The Core is preparing for its Grand opening party June 24-25 Weekend. Full details will be coming soon but you can expect a 50 problem friendly-format scramble competition! And to make this competition set amazing The Core will be doubling its inventory of climbing holds!

In the meantime, hang on tight and enjoy this album comparing the original wall renderings to the real thing. The gym sketch-ups below are almost a year old now from when they were drawn up in the summer of 2016. We would like to think that our climbing routes turned out better than those in the renderings.  Click on the pictures for the full size.

Competition Wall - Roof Side

Competition Wall - Slab Side

Session Wall & Training Wall

Whale Boulder - The Head

Whale Boulder - The Tail