Good news team. Despite the rumor, we didn't have to get on tall ladders to paint the facility. 

We managed to procure some sweet scissor lifts to assist in the painting. Not only did these make life super easy, but they allowed me to avoid being a chicken in public. Face successfully saved.

Progress continues to be fast and furious. The bathrooms/change rooms are set to be framed this week which will help give a sense of the scale of the facility. It should also help with the echo problem. Conversations in a big empty box like this are surprisingly difficult with all the echo.

As a nerd, I'm looking forward to March 1st. Our internet connection (fellow nerds: 1000down/100up) gets install and I get to setup the WIFI for the building. We'll have some sweet free WIFI for all of you once you show up. The rest of the team thinks this is low priority, but I know better.

The Pre-Sale started at the end of last week and the response has been great. Everyone who's ordered T-Shirts should expect us to contact you shortly to arrange delivery.