Construction Update!

Keen observers following the Facebook and Instagram pages may have noticed that our swanky new gym currently doesn't have a floor. Typically this would be a major issue but in our case we're super pleased to be starting from scratch. It's given us tremendous flexibility while designing the layout of the gym. 

We've been really lucky and found a big empty box that was just waiting for something to be built. As mentioned just before the new year, construction has started and the guys have been busy laying pipe and prepping for the floor to get poured.

At this point, the pipes have been laid and we're ready to get the footings for the walls installed. Apparently we also have to test the soil to make sure it's compacted enough to support the weight of the walls. That's set to get completed next week.

Once that's completed the floor gets poured and the dividing wall for our unit gets put in. Thanks to the fantastic people we're working with everything's on schedule and going well.